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What is Let’s Mingle?

Let’s Mingle offers many stunning events. There are Mix and Mingle Events, Wine Tasting, Speed Bowling, Holiday Parties, Dinners, Speed Dating, Golf, Horseback Riding, and Speed Pool just to name a few. This is a fabulous way to meet other singles.

What are Mix and Mingle Events?

Mix and Mingle Events help you to interact with other singles. They can include Icebreakers, games, or short conversations to create a comfortable atmosphere to meet other singles.

What is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating is a more positive way of finding someone to date. You will sign up according to your age group. You will sit with approximately 10-15 people for six minutes each, will be able to take notes, and select your matches at the end of the event. Then, you will be contacted by me the next day with the results by email and/or text message. Speed Dating is an awesome choice to get to know many people in a short amount of time. It’s a great way to see the person and ask questions.

How should I prepare for Singles Events?

Speed Dating is a fun event that you gather beforehand and have a drink and appetizers and mingle with others. Wearing a special piece a jewelry, having some chat ready, be ready with common answers to questions others might ask you, and working out what to wear in advance will help you have an inspiring event.

Who runs Let’s Mingle?

My name is Mary Jac. I grew up in New York City and have two grown children and a grandchild. I was married for twenty-five years before I was happily divorced. I decided to move to start my new life in Westchester County. I have worked for the NYC Department of Education for twenty-five years, and I retired in October 2023. I have been to many different types of Singles Mingles Events throughout New York (and even have done online dating apps). I feel that meeting people in person is a fabulous way to find someone. I have met several people through in-person meetings. I love running Singles Events, and I look forward to meeting you!