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Why are the benefits of signing up for single events? 

This is an amazing way to meet other liked-minded singles in person. You will be at a location that other singles are attending. 

Can I bring a friend with me? 

 You can definitively sign-up events with your friends.  Sometimes a wing person can help you if you are nervous and assist you in meeting others. 

 Is Let’s Mingle a free website? 

 Yes, Let’s Mingle is free to browse events. You will be able to pay for any events that you wish to participate in. 

 Where are the events located? 

 Events will be selected in Westchester County (New York) and Fairfield County (Connecticut). They will be in restaurants and other selected venues. 

 What happens after I sign up for a Speed Dating Event? 

 When you sign up for a Speed Dating event, you will be provided with a card for a free drink (up to $10) and appetizers a half hour before the event begins. This is also your chance to mix with other singles before Speed Dating begins.